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Center It on the Future: Writing a Cover Letter

Center It on the Future: Writing a Cover Letter

Job hunting can be a long and difficult process, and writing a cover letter can be challenging. But experts say that it can be the most crucial part of the process. It provides the best opportunity to stand out from all the other applications at the employer’s desk.

So how do you write a good cover letter? Here are some handy tips to remember when you’re preparing your cover letter.

Research Before You Write

Before you begin writing, research the company and the particular job you’re applying for. Read the job description carefully. Scan the company’s website and profiles on professional networks like LinkedIn. This will help you customize your letter to that particular company.

You want to avoid writing a generic cover letter and sending that with every application. The primary benefit of sending customized cover letters is that it shows the organization that you took time out for them. The research will help you stay relevant.

Center It on the Future

Your cover letter is the bridge that connects your past with your future. While your résumé looks at what you achieved, the cover letter should focus on what you aim to do.

The pandemic has caused a lot of uncertainty in all aspects of life, especially on the career side. If you’re making a shift to a different industry or role, you can use your cover letter to explain the reason behind it.

A Strong Opening

Your opening sentence should convey your excitement and interest in the job. Tell the reader relevant details about yourself, why you want the job, and what you will bring to their organization. Then move on to your experience and background related to the job, but don’t reiterate your résumé.

The hiring manager is already swamped with a bunch of letters that sound the same. They probably won’t even go through all the letters they receive. You want to capture their attention with the first sentence.

Keep It Succinct

Your letter should convey enthusiasm and flattery, but don’t overdo it. You don’t want to sound desperate. Keep it concise so that the hiring manager can read it at a glance. There’s a lot to cover, and you may be tempted to go into detail, but it might do more harm than good. Your letter should ideally not exceed one page.

Ask For Feedback

It’s always a good idea to share your letter with a peer, friend, or résumé writing service and get their feedback. In fact, you can always send it to us. We will guide you through any improvements that need to be made.

When requesting feedback, ask for two things. First, ask them if they understood the main point behind it. Second, ask them where you went wrong so you can improve on those parts.

If you’re unsure how to go about it, contact us for professional résumé writing services. At Panther Academic Editing, we offer résumé writing, editing, and consultation services to help you land the job. Don’t believe us? Let our happy clients convince you.


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