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Optimize Yourself: Rules for Resume Writing

Optimize Yourself: Rules for Resume Writing

Employers aren’t very likely to deviate from their line of action when hiring, so no matter where you are or where you’re applying for, the first thing you will probably be asked for is your resume. This piece of paper introduces you to your potential employer. You must ensure that your resume makes such an impact that it sets you apart from the crowd, i.e., the other candidates applying for the same position.

Here are some tips for resume writing that are sure to stir things up for you and land you an interview:

An Original Template

We’ve all been there; we’ve all done that. It may be easy to borrow a customized resume template from the internet, but it may not cut it. Formatting your resume to highlight the best of your assets is critical to draw potential employers’ attention as they’re not very likely to read the whole of your resume. You want to highlight the skills that are required for the job you’re applying for.

Follow the instructions word-by-word if you have to, but don’t resort to a generic resume as it’s most likely to get rejected by recruiters.

Listing Of Social Media Profiles

It’s the 21st century, and we’re all connected through social media networks. For this reason, interviewers tend to screen candidates on various social platforms, which is why it’s recommended to list your social media profiles on your resume. However, be mindful of only linking the accounts that contain professional content, pertaining to your niche. Be sure to set your accounts private if they’re not professionally applicable since they might set the wrong impression on potential employers.

Keep It Short

You can’t possibly be beating around the bush with your resume; it must be direct and targeted to the job unless an extensive career description works in your favor for the position. Hiring managers barely have the time to read entire resumes; you want to add quick merits that catch the employer’s attention.

Adding A Career Snapshot

The career snapshot has replaced the outdated objective statement on the resume with a brief yet engaging summary that brands you, your qualification, and your skills. Additionally, you should add industry-relevant experiences, programs, and applications that recruiters expect to see in a good candidate.

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