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3 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Your Dissertation Topic

3 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Your Dissertation Topic

A dissertation is one of the most demanding pieces of academic writing you will engage with, given how challenging it can be to conduct research, analyze, and write on it. If it’s in addition to another project, such as a capstone, you have to combine both elements seamlessly.

It’s no surprise that even years after of rigorous training and mentorship, students struggle with perfecting their dissertation topics and subjects. It’s just one of those things that can be difficult to know till you’re in the thick of it—but you’d be surprised at how much dissertation coaching services can help.

Work with our consultants and experts to avoid making the following mistakes when choosing a dissertation topic to work on:

1.    Picking something unoriginal and overdone

Nobody wants to read the 500th analysis of something that has been done and dusted with by multiple others. While on the one hand, choosing a popular topic gives you access to a lot of other research and published data, on the other, unless you’re bringing a fresh take, asking new questions, and adding value on your own, you won’t have much to go by.

It’s okay if your topic is a little more niche or takes on a unique angle to the subject. Work this to your advantage.

2.    Choosing topics that are too broad or too narrow

In addition to picking the right type of topic, you should also be able to find the right scope and depth for research and analysis. This is because you’ll want to have something that is neither too broad nor too restrictive. You’ll have to work your way in to figure this out by moving from an idea to a concept, to the argument, and so forth.

Being too specific and narrow in your definition of the subject can leave little to no room for analysis, and expanding on the subject, or a lack of sufficient data to support your arguments.

3.    Topics lacking sufficient arguments and data

You’d be surprised at how many students choose topics that lack sufficient data and support. If you’re able to identify that as a key problem and have a solid conviction for wanting to do it, you should be in the clear. But when it comes to researching for your thesis, you absolutely need a wide variety of resources and data to back this up. From academic writings to journalistic pieces, to scientific evidence, and much more, there is a variety of information and resources you should be able to include in your work.

Ideally, your topic should be something you’re passionate about and have a genuine interest in. that comes through your work more than you realize, and it’s vital that you work on this.

It’s definitely challenging, to say the least, and having help can improve your Performace and impress your instructor and advisor. Work with our APA dissertation editing services to fine-tune and enhance your dissertation process for the best results. Get in touch with us to know more.




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