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5 Things to Check When Proofreading a Document

5 Things to Check When Proofreading a Document

After you’re done with putting your thoughts to the paper, you might think your job is done. However, writing anything requires a thorough review before its finalized so that you can ensure you go over it again to spot any mistakes or silly errors that might lower the overall quality of the document.

This is where the magic of proofreading comes in. Whether you go back to the piece you’ve written and go over it again or you get a fresh pair of eyes to have a look at it and suggest any changes to be made, proofreading is indeed an important part of writing. Especially for important things like dissertations, resumes, and important business documents.

Here’s a list of things to always keep an eye out for when proofreading a document.

1. Spellings and Grammar

It goes without saying that the presence of basic mistakes related to spelling and grammar will make it seem like some amateur with a poor knowledge of the language has written the document. It will certainly take away from document’s quality and make it seem unprofessional.

2. Sentence Structure

Proper use of commas, colons, connectives, etc make sentences look complete. Additionally, write clear, concise sentences/ Without proper sentence structuring, the words will feel out of place and the paragraphs will feel haphazard.

3. Tenses

The basic tenses are past, present, and future. However, for more professional pieces, tenses may become more complicated to use. Understanding the requirements and adjusting the usage of tenses is a must.

4. Proper Formatting

Imagine using a resume writing format for a dissertation; it just won’t seem right. So, knowing what you want to write and using relevant formatting techniques like APA format editing is critical.

5. Tone

There’s a difference of tone while writing formal documents and informal documents. Adjusting your tone becomes important in this scenario. Knowing who you’re addressing and adapting accordingly goes a long way.

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