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Staying Grounded And Connected To Academic Work In The Time Of COVID-19

Staying Grounded And Connected To Academic Work In The Time Of COVID-19

A year ago, none of us could’ve imagined 2020 to be what it has become now. It still feels like we’re living in some kind of dystopian existence, where the global coronavirus outbreak has turned everything upside down.

Unfortunately, even in the face of such frightening circumstances, our lives must go on, and we must stick to a routine to maintain some semblance of normalcy—like staying true to our path of earning a degree or a PhD.

We’re all battling stress and managing anxiety in our own ways. But more often than not, the stress overwhelms us, rendering us unable to focus and complete our academic tasks. If you’re in a similar situation, we’re here to help you stay grounded and productive to accomplish your academic goals.

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Alt-text: A woman experiencing stress and anxiety during the uncertain times of the coronavirus

Set Your Goals And Prioritize

Clarifying your priorities can make a world of difference. Identify your goals and devise a plan that allows you to accomplish smaller tasks every day. This will empower you with a sense of accomplishment once each task is done, motivating you to continue working.

Structure Your Day

Another good way to feel connected to your work is to set up a routine. By structuring and dividing your day into periods of work and relaxation, you will be able to get more done. This will come in handy if you’re working from home. Dedicate a specific time in the day for academic writing so that once you get in the zone, no other activities come in your way. Once you’ve worked for a specific number of hours, you can take a break to relax and unwind.

Focus On What You Can Control

In a time when we’re all facing challenges in an uncertain environment, you may feel like your brain isn’t functioning the way it used to, or you’re losing track of time. Keep in mind that seeking control during the tumultuous times of the pandemic is a difficult feat—and frankly, unhealthy too.

Since none of us can really control how long the pandemic will last, we must practice being kind and compassionate toward ourselves, and only focus on the things we can control. You can try to find enjoyable activities or spend time with your loved ones for some positive energy that’s conducive to your productivity.

Find All The Help You Can Get

During times like these, no one should have to go through the tedious process of writing a dissertation or a thesis alone. That’s why hiring a dissertation editor is your best bet, so you can do away with some of the stress of the writing process and rest assured that an expert professional is refining and polishing your academic work.

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With years of experience in the professional dissertation editing industry, Panther Academic Editing offers dissertation coaching services and APA editing services to help students complete their dissertations.

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