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3 Reasons Why Citation and Referencing is so Important in Academic Writing

3 Reasons Why Citation and Referencing is so Important in Academic Writing

Citations and referencing are a requirement for academic writing. They help authors avoid plagiarism by accrediting contributions from the researchers and experts they relied on.

In higher education, most research papers involve ideas and literature from others who’ve made earlier contributions. Adding citations and referencing allows researchers to build on those ideas without claiming them as their own.

Here’s why adding citations and referencing is so critical for all academic writing papers:

Assists With Fact checking

These days, it’s become way too easy for people to make big claims without proof to back them up. As a college student, you want your work to be taken seriously; it can’t be marred with false information.

Citations and references let readers fact check your work; they can verify your sources easily when they’re all cited and referenced correctly.

Improve Your Research Skills and Credibility

Students that make it a habit to look through existing research before writing their papers are better at identifying patterns and making connections. Their papers tend to flow better and are more comprehensive than those who take little pieces of information from here and there.

Correct citations and referencing involve adding page numbers, authors, the title of their research papers, and the journals they were published in, so readers can go verify sources easily. Adding detailed references also shows your reader that your paper is well-researched and credible.

By reading existing work and incorporating it in your paper, you also learn to condense information and convey it through a couple of paragraphs. The more research papers you write, the better you’ll get at it.

Boast Your Scientific Knowledge

An extensive bibliography shows the reader that you made an effort to thoroughly research the subject at hand and have properly accredited your sources.

All scientific papers come with a lengthy bibliography showing that the author has explored the subject from multiple angles. By citing numerous sources, you get to show that you also carried out scientific research; your paper will come across as credible to your professor and peers.

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