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4 Signs Your Academic Paper Might Fail

4 Signs Your Academic Paper Might Fail

Not many students would say they enjoy working on academic papers. However, if research papers are a core part of your curriculum, you need to earn a passing grade to get a degree. After tons of research, drafting, writing, and rewriting there’s still a chance that your academic paper may not be up to par. While going through several failed academic papers, we noticed a few similarities. Avoid the following mistakes to prevent failures:

Weak structure

Do you tend to edit papers before carefully revising them? This is what may be causing all those poor grades. If you want to avoid a frail thesis statement, poor sentence structure, and an introduction and conclusion that seem hastily written, revise your work before making any edits. This can also help you avoid run-on sentences, making your text clearer and more easily readable.

Poor grammar

Trust us, there’s nothing that ruins a professor’s mood quite like an academic paper that’s laden with grammatical errors. These are some of the most frustrating mistakes to check for. Even if your paper is based on substantive research, your professor will be tempted to deduct points if it sports grammatical errors.

The most common grammatical errors involve subject/verb non-agreement, wrong use of subjunctive forms, and verb tense disagreement. Don’t rely on online grammar checkers to point out these mistakes. Automated tools aren’t equipped to single out all grammatical errors.

Bad word choice

Your word choice is reflective of your level of education. Choose the right words, considering the content, style, and tone of a text. Make sure that you don’t use colloquial or informal language for a formal paper. This can cost you your grade.

Wrong formatting

After fixing all of the above mistakes, you can still end up with a poor grade if you ignore proper formatting. Read the provided academic guidelines carefully to find out exactly how your professor wants to see your work.

Font, paragraphing, and spacing are all crucial elements that hold your work together and give it its form. Without proper presentation, you can expect all your hard work to go to waste.

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