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3 Tips to Find Research Sources that Set You Apart

3 Tips to Find Research Sources that Set You Apart

There’s no point of writing a paper that regurgitates information that someone has already collected in the past. Your paper should bring something new to the table and encourage the reader to explore the topic further.

Incorporating unique research sources in your essay can help you stand out from other authors who’ve discussed similar ideas.

Here are some ways you can research sources to set your paper apart:

Head to the Library

Because it’s so much easier to find sources online, students often miss out on all the scholarly sources sitting in the library.

Academic libraries are packed with books written by scholars who devoted their life to exploring important issues. Online libraries will give you access to scholarly journals, but not books.

In the library, you can look at chapter titles to determine whether the book is relevant. Finding the correct books will provide direction for your research paper. You’ll identify patterns and make connections, and develop detailed arguments for your essay.

Look at the Top Secondary Sources

In online databases, the most cited research papers are prioritized over others. The documents that appear on the top of your list were referenced numerous times in the past, meaning they’re informative and credible.

These are reliable sources for your research paper, but it’s not enough to just add them to your bibliography. Skim through the content and engage with the ideas the author discusses. Most research papers contain ideas that can be explored further.

When you connect the points in one paper with the other, you should write a comprehensive essay.

Use a Variety of Sources

Books and journals are excellent academic sources, but plenty of other places offer credible, fact-checked information.

Try looking at various types sources instead of only using journals and books, including newspaper articles, documentaries, films, video recordings, etc. Using different sources can help convey your message better.

Online platforms for magazines like Forbes, Time, The Economist, etc. are packed with interesting articles backed by credible information from research firms like Statista and Gallup that can strengthen the arguments you make in your paper.

Whenever you complete your paper, make sure to edit it thoroughly and include references and citations to accredit the sources that contributed to your work.

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