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Edits That Proofreaders Can Make for You

Edits That Proofreaders Can Make for You

Academic writing, whether intended for distribution or publication, needs to be thorough and effective in delivering the intended message. And for the writing to be clear, it has to be correct, appropriate, relevant, and free of dialect and grammar mistakes.

It may seem that removing apparent errors in a text is somewhat straightforward, and that proofreading is less effective and ambitious than editing. However, in reality, error-free and highly readable text can only be ensured by thorough proofreading. And this is where a specialized proofreader comes in.

A professional proofreader understands the importance of presenting readable context. Whether you’re a native English speaker or not, they offer assistance in ensuring that your text is methodical, fact-checked, grammatically correct.

Here are some corrections that a proofreader can make in your text:

Common English Errors

Apart from spelling mistakes and missing oxford commas, a professional proofreader efficiently detects and rectifies common English errors. This includes checking synonyms, homonyms, parts of speech, tenses, active passive forms, and much more.

A professional proofreader is trained and skilled to identify all sorts of problems in written text and rectify them according to the context.

Removes Excess Words

Academic or business writing has to be concise and easy-to-read. Text that contains long sentences, improper tenses, and overuse of prepositions will cause the reader to stop reading within the first few seconds.

A professional proofreader helps you steer clear of such mistakes by ensuring that your text is free of misplaced, excess, or unessential words and phrases.

Explain or Remove Terminologies

Specific terminology or abbreviations should be used cautiously in academic writing pieces. If used excessively or inappropriately, industry jargon can confuse the reader.

So, if you use acronyms in your dissertation or business reports, make sure to explain it in a bracket. This ensures that the reader thoroughly understands the context.

A proofreader also replaces difficult or outdated acronyms with simpler words to make your writing accessible and understandable.

Check Sentence Structure

A correct sentence must contain a verb, subject, the right tense, and should express a complete idea. Sounds simple, right? But many times, writers fail to express their ideas or notions in their writing and end up either fragmenting the text or making it too long. A proofreader reads between the lines and reviews your writing for appropriate sentence structure and punctuation.

Review Flow and Sequencing

A proofreader corrects for consistency, relevancy, and appropriate styling. You can go the extra mile and hire an APA style editor who’ll make sure that your text stands out in terms of visual appeal. Check for formatting consistency, order, and numbering of images, tables, and appendices, and the overall presentation.

Hire Professional Academic Editing & Copy Editing Services

Panther Academic Editing is an all-in-one platform offering APA format editing and proofreading services. We help students gain an edge by excelling in their academic writing tasks and dissertation.

Our platform also offers dissertation coaching and editing services . Get in touch with us today to find out more about our APA dissertation services and academic editing services for college students.


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