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Tips on Essay Writing for Freshmen

Tips on Essay Writing for Freshmen

For many students, stepping into university is a whole other world. You venture into an arena where you’re treated like an adult, and the course of your education lies entirely in your hands. You get to pick your own research topics, classes, and even your preferred professors!


With so many changes, getting overwhelmed is expected. But instead of stressing and falling behind on classwork, here are some ways to stay ahead of the rest by submitting well-written essays!

Start Work Early

You might have heard this one all through high school, but starting your essay research early in college can help you a lot, especially in the beginning!


Unlike school work, college essays require a lot of reading from multiple sources inside and outside the classroom. Many references aren’t limited to textbooks, and you might even have to watch a movie or two. This leaves very little space for last-minute planning. Plus, if you stick to starting work early in the first semester, it gives you a better idea of how much time you take to complete work and plan your academic schedule accordingly.

Pick A Topic Wisely

One of the things you should spend the most time on when preparing for your essay is picking the right topic. A lot of your college professors will give you the liberty of selecting your own prompt. This can be exciting but also very daunting.


Instead of picking a topic you think your professor would like, it would be best to choose one you can do the most research on. Your professor is most likely to appreciate a well-thought-out essay with strong supporting arguments than one with very poor writing and research. You should also pick a topic you are personally interested in because you might be able to expand on the subject later in other electives or even make it part of your dissertation!

Ask For Help

The worst thing you can do to yourself in college is shy away from help. Everyone knows how challenging college is, and there are multiple resources for college students to get all the support they need to make it through the four years.


If you find yourself struggling with sticking to an academic writing style, advanced grammar, or writing citations, then going to a writing coach would really help you build confidence in your writing. At Panther Academic Editing, we provide writing coaching and academic copy editing services. Our team of experts will work closely with you to polish your writing and help you achieve the grades you deserve! Contact us today for more information.


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